How To Get And Keep A Girlfriend

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The title how to get and keep a girlfriend is somewhat misleading because there is no set method for getting a girlfriend apart from chatting to more girls and using certain techniques that will increase your chances.

Nothing is concrete due to human emotions being so intangible and changeable.

In saying that lets try and contradict ourselves here and come up with ways in which we can get and keep girlfriends

How To Get A Girlfriend - Play it Cool

Ensure you are interesting when you are with her but act somewhat “busy” at least a few days after each date with “important meetings” or appointments that you can’t miss.

E.G. DONT wait by the phone waiting for her to call!!!


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How To Get A Girlfriend - Cold Calling For Girlfriends Is A Tough Business

What I mean is clubs and bars or though great for flings and sexual tension are NOT the greatest places to meet your future girlfriend or anyone for that matter.

The cold call is when you approach a women/girl without you knowing her or her knowing you...

She could be:




The best way to find a girlfriend is by meeting them through an acquaintance or mutual friend. She may even be your sister’s friend.

So if your intent is to find a girlfriend it pays to know some people:

Gay dudes know HEAPS of chicks

Girls that are just friends


Parents family friends

Work colleagues

I think you get the picture – this way meeting girls is often in a relaxed easily approachable environment where they are open to influence. So ditch the cold calls and pick up lines

How To Get A Girlfriend - Keep the Pressure Off

If you pressure her into thinking she has to make a decision early about “marriage” or “call it off” then you have killed it! You need to be open to situations and opportunities that WILL present themselves if you keep the pressure off.

Realise though that even though you are not seriously looking now things could come up with this women when on a date or on the phone that change this view. You didn’t go into the dating situation with preconceived ideas about the outcome but you are happy with how things turned out because you are now with her

See the Difference?

This is very important if the women you are after is HOT, they are really sick of to much attention and would love the opportunity to have to chase a guy a little. Don’t be scared of blowing the opportunity by seeming stay offish, you will be increasing your chances of dating success even though its seems counter intuitive.

Once you have your women and you are a few months in...

How to Keep A Girlfriend - DO NOT BECOME A WUSS

This one’s real tough and you will most likely have noticed guys change their personality once they have been going out with one girl for awhile.
It’s like they lose their mojo and drive altogether, it may be the natural order of things but if you become a wuss you will be left with an angry bossy wife and an unhappy on at that.

KEEP the fun and life in you that you had before you met... That’s what she was attracted to

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